Information prepared by: Ministry of Transport
Information updated: 21.07.2017

High-speed electronic communications networks in accordance with Section 1, Paragraph 6 of Article 4and the  Ministry of Transport has prepared information in connection with the high-speed electronic communications network for installation or construction of adequate physical infrastructure, binding information for the works as well as the merchant contact information.

With the deployment of high-speed electronic communications networks of “natural infrastructure” is understood, for example, pipes, ducts, masts, kontrolakas, drainage holes, cabinets, buildings or entry in buildings, towers and props belonging to the“network operators” – companies electronic communications sector, the gas sector, the electricity sector (including the commissioning of public lighting infrastructure), the heating sector, water sector (other than potable water systems), the transport sector (rail, road, port and airport infrastructure) or derived public persons institutions (self-government institutions).

The procedure described below the minimum information which the public authorities have already collected and which is already available in electronic format, available via a hyperlink to the information system:

The information system of encumbered territories on the physical infrastructure is available in the following minimum details:
1) the location of infrastructure;
2) type of infrastructure;
3) the data provider.
On 2017 July 1, from where the minimum information is not available in the information system of encumbered territories, in accordance with the High-speed electronic communications networks for the first subparagraph of Article 5 of the Law of electronic communications operator, in order to establish or build a high-speed electronic communications networks, may request in writing from the network operator information regarding the deployment of high-speed electronic communications networks of the application of the physical infrastructure.

In the construction information system of physical infrastructure works that are available in the following minimum details:
1) works location and type;
2) the name of the construction;
3) the date when būvatļaujā endorsed on the design conditions or commencement of construction work conditions are complied with or accepted on a construction intention by means of a mark or certification card in the explanatory memorandum;
4) the design of a construction contractor and developer.
Autorizējoties Construction information system, the construction intention could be filed electronically.


High-speed electronic communications networks in the fifth subparagraph of Article 5 of the Law provides that the network operator in providing electronic communications operator answer as to the physical infrastructure works, for which a submission to the construction intention is planned for the next 6 months, shall be communicated simultaneously to the Construction Information System Manager ( for information about the planned construction of a construction site, type, name, the planned construction intention application submission and contact details of the month. Information regarding the planned construction intention published on the Construction Information System, and it is publicly available.

Enterprise Register data base  is available on your network operator information.