In a single invitation to tender for the reception will take place in two rounds. The first round will be announced on July 13 after 15 p.m., the second round – 17 July at 17. The results of the tender will be communicated to e-service Electronic login studies undergraduate programs , as well as inthe message and electronic form of a letter.

After a competitive 1 . round results provide evidence 13. in July, the candidate to decide whether he wishes to continue to tender for the application of the study programme or do not wish to claim the study in any of the study programme.

1. the first round of the study place a candidate wins in this case, if this study provides a space of a tender will be confirmed in his 1. priority.

If the applicant will not be confirmed as a result of 1. priority, the tender 1. a study place a candidate wins. In this case, you can get the 2 student places. After 1 rounds may become acquainted with its preliminary results of the study site.

If the tender 1., the candidate has obtained a study place in his first in the selected priority, this study provides a space he is guaranteed, provided that from 16 to 17 July, he is coming to the institution of higher education study programmes of the first priority of concluding study contracts or to confirm your decision to conclude study contracts, as provided for within the institution of higher education. If the corresponding institution of higher education shall be entered in another time or if the dates indicated it is not possible to attend college, but he has the desire to keep his place in the period from 13 to 17 July at 16. in your Portal e-service must activate the „Acknowledge the placings achieved”. In this case, it might be possible to conclude study contracts to another - the time specified by the institution of higher education (for more information on the contractual maturities - university home page).

! Without endorsing its place, the applicant withdraws from the single reception and lose previously acquired by study site.

If the study of 1, has been obtained, but my desire to study in the selected study programme does not activate the menu, then his e-service „Logout from the resulting space”. Consequently, the candidate renounces the studio space. The tender conditions shall not change in priorities following a 1. a row.

! By way of derogation from the resulting space entrant fully withdraws from participating in a single host the contest.

If the tender 1., studio space is not collected (are provisional placement), then from 13 to 17 July at 16. in its activated menu e-pakalpojumā .kārtai 2 Log on”, it is approved for the participation in tendering 2. round for studio space. 2. a tender may obtain approval for his preliminary study, obtained or extract the study place a higher priority.

! Logging on to the 2 candidate withdraws from the single reception and lose the opportunity to acquire studio space.

If after the contest 1. order no longer wishes to qualify for the studios in any of the selected study programme, then activate the menu e-pakalpojumā "Log off from participation in 2. '.

Confirm participation in the tender 2. from 13 to 17 July at 16.00 you can also:

ü By Phone 67089003.

For more information during the period in question will be available in the portal user accounts.