Registration fee for the preparation of applications is 30 euros , regardless of the specified the number of priorities. The following shall be exempt from registration fees of Group 1 orphans and disabled people, on presentation of supporting documents.

When you log in to by electronic means to pay will be able to:

The possibility of using pay. In this case, you must first create an application and then selecting one of the Portal provides online banking, is to make the payment.

The registration fee is transferred to centralized unified intake accounts, which is the responsibility of the Riga Technical University.

Printing of invoices and paying for it can be chosen in your way – in the bank, post office, another internet bank account, etc. On arrival point for studies to approve the application, you should bring bank Receipt (payment / receipt / banking services proof of payment), which certifies the payment. 

The fee for the registration may also be performed after the submission of electronic applications, when I came to the reception area and by paying) to approve the application host (Treasury.

When you log on to university admission points, registration fees will be able to pay admission (cash or by bank transfer.