Find out how to start doing business in Latvia, with information on:

• how to register your company
• cross-border service provision
• what licence you may need to run your business
• registering for tax
• employing people
• consumer protection requirements

Set up a business in Latvia

When you start a business in Latvia you must choose a structure for your business. In order to register a unit of economic activity (for example, Limited Liability Company) documents must be submitted in the Register of Enterprises.
Information on the procedure is available on a web page of
Register of Enterprises (LV);
Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (EN).


When setting up business in Latvia in some cases you may need to apply for a licence, depending on what your business is. More information you will find in each service description (LV).

The provision of temporary service

in Latvia is regulated by two laws and one Cabinet of Ministers Regulation:
• Law On the Provision of Free Services (LV) (ENG) – general regulations on provision of temporary services;
• The law On the Regulated Professions and the Recognition of Professional Qualifications (LV) (ENG) – general
regulations on provision of temporary services in regulated professions;
• Cabinet of Ministers Regulation of 28 July 2009 No 818 „Noteikumi par īslaicīgu profesionālo pakalpojumu sniegšanu Latvijas Republikā reglamentētā profesijā” - the criteria how the service provider from another Member State must provide temporary services in regulated professions.

Provision of temporary services in Latvia in non-regulated professions

Registered service provider in other EU Member State, which complies with the requirements of the regulatory enactments regulating the specific service or field of services of its country, is entitled to provide a temporary service in Latvia freely, without the receipt of an authorisation (LV) (ENG).
However the limitations may be applied to the service provider, where this is justified by the observance of the requirements for public order and safety, the protection of human life and health or the environment and is proportionate. Service providers must consult service description to see whether these limitations apply or not (LV).

Regulations for provision of temporary services will be found in service description. Where such a description does not exist, the restriction on temporary provision of the services does not exist.

Temporary professional activities in the regulated profession

A provider of temporary professional services in the regulated professions has a duty to notify the institution issuing the certificates of the recognition of professional qualification in the relevant regulated profession. Data base on regulated professions in Latvia can be found here. This duty must be fulfilled by submitting a declaration on temporary provision of professional services.
The mandatory documents for submission to institution issuing the certificates of the recognition of professional
qualification are regulated by Cabinet of Minister Regulation of 28 July 2009 No 818.


To provide services which are taxable with the value added tax – in addition to the registration in the Register of
Enterprises person must register in a Register of Value added tax Taxable persons. Documentation can be submitted along with the application for unit’s of economic activity registration in the Register of Enterprises or separately submitted in the State Revenue Service.
More information about taxes in Latvia is available on a web page of
State Revenue Service (EN);
Ministry of Finance (EN);
Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (EN).

Employing people

The same basic employment terms and conditions apply to all workers in the Latvia even if you bring those workers to the Latvia from another country, you must pay your workers at least the National Minimum Wage.
You must have a contract with your employees that sets out your employees:
• employment conditions
• rights
• responsibilities
• duties
Before you bring a worker from another country you need to check they’re allowed to work in the Latvia. You’ll need to see documents to prove this.
Information about the employment is available on a web page of
State Employment Agency (EN);
State Labour Inspectorate (EN)

Consumer protection

To protect consumers from non-quality product or service trade Consumer Rights Protection Centre implement consumer rights protection by supervising trade of goods and supply of services, providing consumers with necessary information and helping consumers to solve conflicts arisen.
More information - Consumer Rights Protection Centre (EN) .

Apply electronically

Above mentioned procedures can be dealt electronically by downloading and filling in applications, adding necessary documents, signing with the secure digital signature and sending to an e-mail of the competent authority (for example, requirements of Register of Enterprises).
Before sending document please contact responsible institution to ensure that service can be demanded by using e-doc.

To check an e-doc which is signed by Latvian secure e-signature use form “Check eDoc”.