Access government services                                                                                        
The aim of the portal is to ensure quick and convenient access to the services provided by Latvian State institutions and municipalities.
Here you may:
• find guidance on requirements (forms, documents, payments, terms etc.) and administrative procedures in order to receive public and municipal services.
• start service electronically, if it’s is offered online.

Portal maintained by the State Regional Development Agency. Information about the institution is available here.

Portal content provided by the authorities with a centralized catalog inserts and maintains information about their services.

Do your business in Latvia

Portal, which is part of the EUGO network, gives simple information on how to set up and run your business in the Latvia.

Read our Guide to setting up business in Latvia.

Read information how to set up business in European Union countries.

If you have questions about how to set up or run a business in Latvia, please do not hesitate to contact Investment and Development Agency of Latvia by e-mail

Training and technical materials, infograficss and help information about the portal, which will facilitate and promote the portal.