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Public-private partnerships / concessions in the registration of termination
The selected organisation: Latvijas Republikas Uzņēmumu reģistrs
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The service provides news on the partnership procurement contract or concession contract is terminated in the register of the Public and Private partnership agreement register in accordance with the Public and Private Partnership Law.
Legal persons governed by public law, Private law legal persons
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Appeal possibilities (administrative procedure)
The possibility of appealing the decision taken by the State notary of RoL Register of Enterprises by submitting an application layer of the 1 month from the State notary of the entry into force.
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Latvijas Republikas Uzņēmumu reģistrs
Contact information: Rīga, Pērses iela 2, Rīga, LV  - 1011, e-pasts:, tālr. 67 031 703,
Information about service restored: 2020.06.11.