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Authorisation for printing plant passport
The selected organisation: Valsts augu aizsardzības dienests
Short description:
The distribution of plants and plant products subject to phytosanitary control in the European Union requires a plant passport of the relevant type. The plant passport shall be printed by the State Plant Protection Service or by a person registered in the official register of Professional Operators, who has received a permit for printing the plant passport.
Any person
Person entered in the Official Register of Professional Operators
Time limit for the submission of a request - without limitation
Date of receipt of the service - within ten working days
Process description
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Appeal possibilities (administrative procedure)
• the decision may be contested to the Director of the State Plant Protection Service Plant Quarantine Department within one month from the date of notification of the decision, address: Great Name Street 36, Riga, LV-1006, or e-mail:
• foreign entrepreneurs have the possibility to use an alternative dispute resolution mechanism (SOLVIT) for to challenge decisions.
The authorisation shall be issued if:
• sample of plant passport meets the requirements of regulatory enactments
• in performing the examinations of a person registered in the official register of professional operators, violations of the requirements specified in the regulatory enactments regarding plant quarantine and propagating materials have not been determined during the year prior to receipt of the submission
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