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Initial registration of the educational establishment of tractor engineering drivers
The selected organisation: Valsts tehniskās uzraudzības aģentūra
Short description:
The service shall ensure the supervision of the training process of educational institutions and merchants, by ensuring the supervision of the process of certification of the qualifications of specialists, by ensuring the training of tractor engineering managers in conformity with the requirements of regulatory enactments and the certification of training forces in the Republic of Latvia, which shall be administered BY VTUA as one of the specified State functions.
Only a training institution or merchant registered in the State Information System may carry out the training of driver drivers of tractor engineering. VTUA shall issue a training permit, an educational institution or a merchant who wishes to carry out the training of driver drivers of tractor engineering.
Any person, Private law legal persons
Educational establishments and economic operators. Practical training instructors for the training of driver training (Natural or legal persons or persons authorised by them.)
Within a maximum period of time but not exceeding one month
Process description
Other information
1. solis / Service requests
In order to receive training permits or certification services for professional qualifications, an application (in a free form) must be submitted and the rental or ownership documents relating to the training class, area and tractor equipment and training documents certifying the training of instructors and instructors shall be attached. An application may be submitted in person or by sending an electronically signed document.
Pay types:
1. prepayment (invoice) (bank, internet banking, Latvian mail);
2. on-site settlement of non-cash with a payment card (POS) (cheque or invoice).
The type of service for the provision of transport for the performance of public functions is applied for the kilometres travelled up to the address indicated by the customer and back to the office at EUR 0.67/km. For example, if the training class, area or tractor-engineering is located 5 km from THE VTUA office, THE additional cost will be 0.67EUR/km x 10 km = 6.70 EUR.
The final price of the service shall include the type of services regarding the settlement provision for the performance of the State functions only where the customer pays the services indicated in the invoice or check using the settlement card. On the other hand, according to the invoiced invoice, when the customer is settled in the bank, online bank or Latvian mail, payment for the settlement security is not applied.
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2. solis / Receipt of services
When taking a positive decision regarding the granting of practical training instructor certificates for the training authorisation or training of driver training, a training permit or practical training instructor certificate shall be issued to the merchant, the authorised person or instructor for the training or training of driver training shall be issued. In the event of a negative decision, the customer shall be informed of the reasons for the refusal by electronic signature or by post.
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Kurzeme Region Department VTUA Technical Supervision Division in Saldus
Kurzeme Region Department VTUA Technical Supervision Division Kuldiga
Kurzeme Region Department VTUA Technical Supervision Division Liepaja
Kurzeme Region Department VTUA Technical Supervision Division Talsi
Kurzeme Region Department VTUA Technical Supervision Division Ventspils
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