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Maintenance and updating of the list of persons who are entitled to act as a competent specialist in labour protection issues
The selected organisation: Latvijas Republikas Labklājības ministrija
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Competent specialist is a person with professional higher education in labour protection and is competent to perform internal supervision of the working environment in an undertaking. Every five years the competent specialist must pass a certification examination and obtain a certificate in one of the personnel certification authority. The personnel certification authorities and universities inform the ministry of Welfare, who updates the list of the competent specialists.
Legal persons governed by public law, Private law legal persons
Directive 2006 / 123 / EC service
Maximum duration (days):
Personnel certification authority 30dienu document receipt shall be organised within the certification examination. The decision on the outcome of the Commission shall adopt the 15 days after the examination. Certification bodies and educational institutions shall inform the Ministry of Welfare, whi
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