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Placement of advertisements, posters and announcements on stands of local government (Babite county local government)
The selected organisation: Babītes novada pašvaldība
Short description:
County residents, businesses, municipalities and their advertisements and notices are placed in institutions belonging to the municipality Stende Babite (13 Stende) and an Island (6 Stende) parish, in order to ensure the county 's public information on developments. Municipalities are also some important information boards and Spuņciemā Piņķos municipal administration building.
Any person
Maximum duration (days):
Information material is placed in Stende (or more) per month:
1) At the start of the date on which is conducted in Stende (1x per week);
2) from the date on which the prior agreement;
3) from the date on which I get paid for the deployment of the advertisement (s).
Process description
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Appeal possibilities (administrative procedure)
Laws and regulations
Par Babītes novada pašvaldības institūciju sniegtajiem maksas pakalpojumiem
(Babītes novada pašvaldības; noteikumi; 3; 2/23/2011)
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Babītes novada pašvaldība
Contact information: Centra iela 4, Pinķi, Babītes pag., Babītes novads, LV-2107
Information about service restored: 2019.06.14.