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Approval of the first version of the detailed plan or local plan and public consultation (Jelgava county local government)
The selected organisation: JELGAVAS NOVADA PAŠVALDĪBA
Short description:
Recipients of services (lokālplānojuma) version of the detailed plan to submit to the government. Development manager (lokālplānojuma) version of the detailed plan shall be dealt with within four weeks and submit it for consideration by the municipality council, together with its own opinion. Two weeks after the municipality council shall take a decision regarding the wording of the detailed plan detailed plan (lokālplānojuma) version of the public debate on the transfer and receipt of opinions or detailed plan (lokālplānojuma) editorial clarification, in accordance with the opinion of the development manager.
Any person
Maximum duration (days):
The response letter is being prepared for 14 days of adoption of the decision of a council, a maximum of 30 days, the public consultation process and the decision on approval until 100 days.
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