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Testing samples of medicinal products for human use
The selected organisation: Zāļu valsts aģentūra
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Upon the request of the client, the State Agency of Medicines (ZVA) shall perform an expert-examination of samples of medicinal products in order to ascertain the conformity of the quality thereof.
Quality control of the sample of medicinal products means determining its conformity with the documentation submitted by the pharmaceutical company for registration.

In order to start testing, the recipient of the service shall complete and send a request for testing of samples of medicinal products to the ZVA.

As a result of testing, the ZVA shall issue a test report.
Any person
Within 60 days of receipt of samples and documentation
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RoL Ministry of Health
When submitting a sample of medicinal products for the receipt of a quality control service, the customer must prepay the service in accordance with the price list for the ZVA charge services.
The State Agency of Medicines (ZVA) may refuse to perform quality control in case the medicinal products are not registered in Latvia or if the ZVA Medicines Examiner Laboratory does not have the necessary equipment. T
it is recommended that ZVA be contacted by email before submitting the samples:
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