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Acceptance of a will in storage (municipality of Livanu)
The selected organisation: Līvānu novada dome
Short description:
The Orphan's Court of the municipality of Livanu in the territory of Turku, Rudzati, Sutra, Rožupe and Jersik shall perform the acceptance of the will in storage.
Natural person declared in the civil parish of Jersik, Rožupe, Rudzati, Sutra or Turku
Maximum duration (days):
1 working day (depending on the complexity of the service, it takes time to prepare the document)
Process description
Other information
Appeal possibilities (administrative procedure)
In accordance with the procedures specified in the Administrative Procedure Law, by submitting an application to the Courthouse of the Administrative District Court after the declared place of residence or location of immovable property of the applicant. The person who is in the prison shall submit
'The request for a service must be accompanied by a personal identification document.'
The service is only received by a natural person who has been declared in the civil parish of the municipalities of Livani, Jersik, Rudzata, Sutra or Turku. The inhabitants of the city of Livani are served by a notary in the municipality of Livani. Legal persons are not covered by this service (serv
Laws and regulations
Bāriņtiesu likums
(Saeima; likumi; 107; 1/1/2007)
Inquire about the service (contact information)
Līvānu novada dome
Contact information: Rīgas iela 77, Līvāni, Līvānu novads, LV-5316
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