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Examination of a submission regarding violations of the Competition Law
The selected organisation: LR KONKURENCES PADOME
Short description:
The person who, due to violations of the Competition Law has arisen or may cause rights or lawful interest infringements, or the person involved in the violation may submit relevant application to the Competition Council
Individual, Private law legal persons
The service receives a commercial company, a natural person who is registered as tax payers
Maximum duration (days):
Process description
Other information
Appeal possibilities (administrative procedure)
You can appeal the decision of the Competition Council in the Administrative Regional Court
Laws and regulations
Konkurences likums
(Saeima; likumi; 1/1/2002)
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Not specified
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Not specified
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Contact information: Brīvības iela 55, 2. korpuss, Rīga, LV-1010
Information about service restored: 2017.12.07.