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Nursing home service
The selected organisation: Priekules novada pašvaldība
Short description:
Home care is a social service in a person's place of residence (home) to satisfy basic needs for persons who, due to objective circumstances, cannot take care of themselves (home and domestic assistance, personal care, catering, etc.) and do not have survivors or are unable to provide assistance and provide the necessary care due to objective circumstances, and personal income does not exceed the national income per month. the amount of the minimum wage specified.
A person who, due to his or her age, disability or functional problems, is unable to perform daily housework and personal care and his or her place of residence is declared in the administrative territory of the municipality of Priekle.
Maximum duration (days):
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Appeal possibilities (administrative procedure)
The decision of the social service may be contested by the municipality council of Priekules (Sun Street 1, Priekle, Priekules municipality, LV-3434) within one month from the date of its coming into force.
Laws and regulations
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Priekules novada pašvaldība
Contact information: Saules iela 1, Priekule, Priekules novads, LV-3434
Information about service restored: 2019.09.16.