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The NVA CV / Vacancy portal
The selected organisation: Nodarbinātības valsts aģentūra
Short description:
The SEA job seekers featured CV / Vacancy portal is the largest vacancy data base in Latvia, which covered SEA affiliate in all 28 registered vacancies. You can see every day, renew and supplement the list of vacancies.
Information to the SEA CV / Vacancy portal is an easy-to use: you have the opportunity to both see a list of all vacancies and to choose a sample based on areas of activity or by location - the region. In addition, the portal, you can publish your CV.
Employers, in turn, may be used for the job advertisement for publication in the portal, which saves their time and money, because the portal should be free of charge. Look at the portal, following a link:
Any person
The employer, An employee
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Appeal possibilities (administrative procedure)
The NVA director
The job advertisement (employer’ s statement on job vacancies) should not be limited to men or only to women, except in cases where the membership of relevant work of a specified sex, or the relevant activity objective and justified prerequisite.
Free work space, which does not comply with the Labour Law in accordance with Article 32 is not registered at SEA data base.
Laws and regulations
Darba likums
(Saeima; likumi; 6/1/2002)
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Nodarbinātības valsts aģentūra
Contact information: K.Valdemāra iela 38 k-1, Rīga, LV - 1010
Information about service restored: 2020.08.03.