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Guarantee service and monitoring
The selected organisation: Valsts kase
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The Treasury is involved in the process of issuing a government guarantee, ensuring that the draft risk assessment, risk premia for the determination of the loan agreement, by proposals for projects, as well as organising the process of delivering a State guarantee. After the issuance of a state guarantee by the State Treasury account for State guarantees the commitments arising from, and also regularly publishes information on total guaranteed debt.
Private law legal persons
A credit institution (financial institution), which receives a State guarantee for applicants for the following obligations:
• The (State / Local > 50% holdings or a number of municipalities > 65% holdings)
• Business Support programme implementers
• Study and a student loan recipients
The Treasury shall evaluate the documents submitted by the applicant's guarantee and, in cooperation with the sectoral ministry shall prepare a draft order of the Cabinet of Ministers regarding the issuance of a guarantee or a refusal to issue a guarantee.
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Valsts kase
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