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Issue of technical regulations, specific provisions and technical requirements regarding connection for designing heat supply systems in Daugavpils city
The selected organisation: Pašvaldības akciju sabiedrība "Daugavpils siltumtīkli"
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1. Technical regulations, special rules or the connection to the technical requirements of the design of heating systems for developing and marketing, including the issue of technical regulations for the design of heating networks, connection to the prospective heating attachment branches, in accordance with the architectural and planning order issued by the building authority;
2. The harmonisation of technical documentation;
3. The issue of the opinion of the readiness to be put into service;
4. The provision of information on Daugavpils City district heating systems of the current situation, construction and logging options.
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Buildings and owner of the buildings / managers of a person or a plenipotentiary Daugavpils City district heating zone
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Enerģētikas likums
(Saeima; likumi; 10/6/1998)
(Ministru kabinets; likumi; 9/1/1992)
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(Saeima; likumi; 0; 10/1/2014)
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