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Registration/update of civil engineering from the performance plan
The selected organisation: Valsts zemes dienests
Short description:
The State Land Service (VZD) shall perform the registration of the engineering structure in the Cadastre from the execution plan if:
- the engineering structure has been adopted in operation;
- a submission submitted by the VZD and a performance plan prepared in accordance with regulatory enactments and other documents necessary for the performance of the service, if they are not available in the construction information system (BIS).

Within the scope of the service, the cadastral survey file shall not be prepared for the civil engineering structure, but upon the request of the client, the VZD shall prepare and issue “Cadastre information regarding the structure” or “Cadastre information regarding immovable property (ownership and composition)”.
Any person
The person named in the “Process Description” field in the “Step 1/About Service” is eligible for the service.
Maximum duration (days):
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
Appeal possibilities (administrative procedure)
The SLS note of the regional offices (hereinafter - Regional Branch) officials carried out by the administrative act or actual action may be contested by submitting the regional chapter of the issuing administrative acts, the SLS note addressed to the Director-General of the relevant application.
Ordering and receiving the documents prepared as a result of the SLS note customer service centre, to present personal identification document - Passport or identity card (ID card).
Laws and regulations
Administratīvā procesa likums
(Saeima; likumi; 2/1/2004)
Zemesgrāmatu likums
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Nekustamā īpašuma valsts kadastra likums
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Valsts zemes dienesta nolikums
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Autoceļu un ielu būvnoteikumi
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Ar radiācijas drošību saistīto būvju būvnoteikumi
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Atsevišķu inženierbūvju būvnoteikumi
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