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Issuance of the permit to carry out the grave of a common craftsman or artisan works to provide services
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In order to obtain the authorisation, tradesman arrives at the cemetery keeper at the cemetery. The cemetery keeper shall complete and artisan form, shall co-ordinate the work of the Tomb of the fitting registration form”, as well as, if necessary, be borne by road transport a single entry in the graveyard.
Any person
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1. solis / The granting of authorisation
The granting of authorisation for the work is full-time Liepaja city past the graves in cemeteries. To require this permission, you must have a contract between the graves of peacekeeping operations and "Cemetery management". Craftsman has to present personal identification document. The cemetery manager you need to make sure that the graves peacekeeper has been informed of the planned tomb improvement works.
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On the spot
LPPI Central cemetery
LPPI Liv's graveyard
LPPI Northern cemetery
LPPI Old Cemetery
LPPI Southern Cemetery
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2. solis / A service charge
Service charge amount set out in the Liepaja City Council on 2018 April 19 (see Decision No 151 Other information - Regulatory Enactments)

Payment may be performed onsite in the cemetery in cash.
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3. solis / EmploymentDuration
When the graves of the fitting of the work is finished, the cemetery manager verifies that has been observed in the area in the contract.
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