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The submission of the clinical guidelines
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Clinical guidelines, taking into account medical principles based upon evidence, coherent, description of the medical treatment process for a particular patient group, which includes: prevention, diagnosis, treatment, medical rehabilitation and nursing care; any method used in the medical treatment (procedures); the necessary steps to test protocols and patient treatment tactics for the substantive criteria to achieve the best medical treatment result.
Legal persons governed by public law, Private law legal persons
Submit clinical guidance projects to be utilised in medical treatment Clinical Guidelines for the purposes of registration data base shall be entitled to the medical professional organizations, medical treatment institutions, as well as the institution of higher education, pursuing an academic or se
The evaluation within three months.
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Documents and forms
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1. solis / Application submission
The National Health Service to submit the application, accompanied by a description of the draft guideline development process, the full text of the draft guidelines for summary of the draft guidelines and the original guidelines, if a copy of the draft guidelines have been adapted and translated.

Sample application forms and other documents to be submitted sample forms are available on the national health service.

National health service guidelines project developer shall evaluate the documents submitted conform to the Cabinet regulation No. 469 4) and the requirements referred to in Paragraph 5. If the document, the developer of the project document guidelines requested clarifications and to provide additional information.

If the documents submitted shall forward the draft guidelines, NSAs conforms to the Ministry of Health for the evaluation of the leading specialists in conformity with competence in the health sector Health sector strategic council, the experts. In the event of an objection, the project developer SHS asks guidelines for the draft guideline clarifications or reject the opposition.

After the draft guideline refinement guidance project developer submits a summary of the full text of the guidelines and guidance for the registration data base (with reasons, rejected objections, if applicable).
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2. solis / Registering clinical guidelines
Clinical guidelines are registered in the national health service in the data base on the "Clinical Guidance data bases" in order to ensure maximum access for every medical practitioner, as well as other interested parties.

In accordance with Cabinet regulation No. 469 19 of this Law, the medical treatment institution in accordance with the relevant medical treatment institution shall establish guidelines for the financial capabilities.
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