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User rights for the use of the customs system
The selected organisation: VALSTS IEŅĒMUMU DIENESTS
Short description:
Economic operators to provide access to the customs information system module for electronic export, transit, entry and exit summary declaration for submission.
The SRS electronic declaration system (SRS Electronic Declaration) are added to the Customs system the following submission of a declaration:
1) Import Control System (IDS) - for the submission of the import summary declaration;
2) export control system (ECS) - the export declaration and exit summary declaration for submission;
3) Transit Control System (TCS) - and the TIR transit declarations for the submission of data with the possibility of supplementing them with the summary declaration data (security).
Any person
The person who conducts the electronic customs cargo declaration.
Maximum duration (days):
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
1. solis / Service requests
Before entering into a contract to receive the EORI number. In order to become the SRS electronic declaration system of customs information system users, the client with the SRS is entered into by the Treaty and the supplemental agreement to the Treaty, as well as shall submit an application that showcases the work of the necessary information systems and their user / s.
Documents may be submitted at any SRS customer service centre. Non-residents shall be submitted to the documents referred to the SRS customs board.
For a natural person shall be presented to the Passport.
Legal persons of another country to submit a document confirming the right to conclude a contract on behalf of the legal person.
Documents to be submitted
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On the spot
Cesis SRS customer service
Customer service in Talsi
Customer service Ventspils SRS
Daugavpils SRS customer service
Dobele SRS customer service
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2. solis / Receipt of services
Accept (signing) contract, EDS administrator e-mail address specified in the application to send the user ID and the original password.
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