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Checking the compliance of propagating material and plant Passport and / or authorization to use the label
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Subject to phytosanitary control plants can be freely (without controls at internal borders of countries) moved from one of the European Union (EU) country to another. For the dissemination of these plants is needed for the EU Plant Passport as proof that plants can meet the prescribed phytosanitary requirements.
State Plant Protection Service (VAAD) propagating material shall be carried out verification of compliance and take a decision regarding permission to use a Passport and / or label, as well as, if necessary, prepare and issue a plant Passport and / or label.
Any person
Maximum duration (days):
Applications may be inclusive plant growing season
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1. solis / Service requests
The registered person shall submit each year VAAD submission / declaration for phytosanitary control of compliance checks, Plant Passport and labels, indicating the need for the species, quantity of test material, growing areas and place of inspection. The list of varieties grown shall be attached to the application and the area plan.
In order to obtain the authorisation to apply a label from material imported from third countries, a registered person shall, within 24 hours after the importation of the material, submit a submission to the VAAD / declaration for phytosanitary control regarding the need for a conformity assessment of test material and shall indicate the species, variety, quantity and the place of storage.
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2. solis / Payment for the service
Prior to receipt of a service person shall take payment in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers on 2012 July 10 to Regulation No 493 "State Plant Protection Service price list of paid services" (see also section "Other information" - "Regulatory Enactments").

Payment for the service shall be deposited in the following account:

Account No. LV47TREL2160320005000
State Plant Protection Service
Legal address – Lielvardes Street 36 / 38, Riga, LV-1006
Tax payers Reg. No 90000042982
The Treasury Reg. No 90000050138
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3. solis / Receipt of services
In accordance with the choice of receipt of a service request
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