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Registration of animal cemetery
The selected organisation: Pārtikas un veterinārais dienests
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In order for the animal cemetery to be able to start operations, the possessor of the animal must register the cemetery with the Food and Veterinary Service.
Individual, Private law legal persons
Directive 2006/123/EC service
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1. solis / Service requests
In order to register an animal cemetery for a PVD, the possessor of an animal cemetery shall submit a submission to the relevant territorial unit of the Service, in which the information shall be indicated:

1) regarding the possessor of an animal cemetery:
- for legal persons and merchants - the name (firm), registration number and legal address;
- for municipalities, the name and registered office;
- for associations and foundations, the name, registration number and registered office;
- for natural persons the given name and surname, personal identity number, address of the declared place of residence;
- telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address;
2) the name (if any) of the animal cemetery and the address of the location of the animal cemetery;
3) a request to issue a registration certificate for an animal cemetery, if the possessor of the animal cemetery wishes to receive it.

Registration of the animal cemetery in the PVD is free. Preparation of the registration certificate - Eur 2.50

An application may also be submitted by e-mail, signed with an e-signature.

Documents may also be submitted using the institution's e-address.

The service charge is specified in the price list.
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