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Permit trade in public places (Tukuma county Dome)
The selected organisation: Tukuma novada Dome
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Street trade is selling goods in local government or with the council agreed in public places, including trade from a mobile retail point of view. A public place is any place outside the building and the permanent location of sale, which, irrespective of its form of ownership is available to consumers.
Individual, Private law legal persons
The natural or legal persons, which has registered economic activity and sell goods and a natural person who, in accordance with the regulatory enactments regulating the field of taxation does not have to be registered in economic activity, is entitled to sell certain items.
Maximum duration (days):
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
1. solis / Service requests
In order to obtain municipal authorisation street trade, the trading participant shall submit a submission to the local government, indicating the following information:
1) a natural person's name, surname and personal identity number or name of a legal person (company) and the tax payer registration number;
a group of goods sold 2)
3) and intended for the trading venue, timing and duration,
4) in a mobile retail (motion route and time when trade for more public places.
The application according to the Cabinet Regulation No. 440 of 12.05.2010 “Regulations on trading patterns, which shall be co-ordinated with municipalities, and organization of trade procedures” with the requirements of Paragraphs 15.
- Consent of the real estate owner or lawful possessor – retail – or possessor of State-owned real estate on the proposed trade where trade will be carried out in the immovable property,
- harmonisation with the organiser of the measure on trade pursuit of the time of occurrence and the place where trade is intended for the time of occurrence and place the measure in question, except in cases where the organiser of the event is the relevant administrative territory thereof, or an institution established by the municipality
- copy of a document certifying the registration of economic activity or natural persons who, in accordance with the tax regulatory enactments regulating the field of economic activity is not subject to registration, confirmation that it does not perform economic activity or in accordance with the Law On the personal income tax "need not register as a performer of economic activity, as well as to employ other persons,
- another local government binding regulations of the information required.

The application shall be examined by the Council’ s Tukuma county licensing commission.
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On the spot
Degoles civil parish service centre
Dzukstes civil parish service centre
Jaunsatu civil parish service centre
Pures civil parish service centre
Semes civil parish service centre
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2. solis / Receipt of services
The service is received in accordance with the application of choice.
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