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E-service "Request for Statement regarding natural person 's criminal records"
The selected organisation: LR IeM INFORMĀCIJAS CENTRS
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Within the framework of the portal’ is the ability to electronically request a certificate of punishability of a natural person using the appropriate data entry form and making a payment service with Swedbank online banking (at the same time as well as other online banking customers will have this opportunity). In order to electronically request a certificate, you do not require a secure e-signature.
The service is live, where the person the following statement is required for submission to the employers upon entering into marriage by going to work or study abroad, as well as in other situations.
Statements are prepared in Latvian, Russian and English language within one to five working days – depending on the applicant 's needs. The requested certificate may be received personally by electronic means (or, in accordance with the mediation of a plenipotentiary) arriving at the Information Centre of Ministry of Interior or the registered letter (the request of the post office in the territory of the Republic of Latvia). "
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1. solis / Service requests
The portal should be approved by the Service Terms of Use, and the relevant data entry forms must be entered in the individual 's name, surname, personal identity number, the message of urgency u.c.informācija. cognitive preparation After the completion of the inputs necessary to carry out public duties and value-added (if any selected) using an online bank payment. For more information see package leaflet of the service portal
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2. solis / Receipt of services
Receipt of services according to the application of choice.

In accordance with the RoL Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 22.08.2006. 687, Procedures for submission of information and the extent to which the Punishment Register and Information Included in the Register shall be presented to the Passport” the person receiving the certificate, certificate requested plenipotentiary person - a notarially certified authorisation, their parents, guardians and guardians do - a document attesting to the appropriate status
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