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Issue of licences and licence cards for passenger transportation with passenger taxis in the administrative territory of the Daugavpils City (Daugavpils City Council)
The selected organisation: Daugavpils pilsētas pašvaldības iestāde "Komunālās saimniecības pārvalde"
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In order to deal with taxi journeys Daugavpils City Self-government administrative territory, it is necessary from Daugavpils City Self-government authorities "municipal facilities management" (hereinafter - Office) to receive a licence, as well as the licence card for each nominated for the vehicle.
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1. solis / Service requests
Receipt of a licence:
1. a written application;
2. Enterprise Register of the merchant issued by a copy of the certificate or articles of association (presenting originals) or, for a natural person - the merchant 's copy of the registration certificate or certificate issued by the State Revenue Service of the Republic of Latvia concerning the entry into tax payers' records, copy of a passport;
3. A statement from the State Revenue Service regarding entering the accounting and tax payers of the Republic of Latvia and the payment of tax provided for by legislative enactments, which shall be issued not earlier than one month before the submission of applications;
4. the taxi stand location scheme, which aligned with the Office and the State joint stock company “Latvian State Roads” or Municipality paid parking lot manager, a certified copy thereof, which confirms the right to use the paid parking lots in the city centre;
4.1 Upon changing the taxi stand, not later than within five working days of the municipality shall be notified in writing;
5. A statement issued by the Enterprise Register regarding the fact that the license requester has not been declared insolvent, is not in the process of liquidation, the economic activity has not been suspended or discontinued, has not been initiated regarding license interrogator winding-up, insolvency or bankruptcy, as well as on the licence applicant (his representative) signatory powers. Valid for submission no later than thirty days from the date of issuance thereof;
6. the previous annual financial statement (if the merchant is already running) or planned activity description (if a merchant shall commence activities);
7. the notice of the license terms, as indicated in the Daugavpils City Council in accordance with the tariffs shall not exceed the maximum tariffs.

The licence shall be granted if the applicant the certificate issued to the State Revenue Service tax debt is presented, or if applicants are owed to a local government budget.
If the received documents do not contain sufficient information to an impartial examination, the Office shall postpone examination of the question and 3 (three) working days send Upon notification, requiring the submission of documents required, indicating the deadline for submission. If 15 (fifteen) days from notification is sent to the dienaslicences applicant has not submitted the necessary information or documents, the application shall not be examined and is sent back to the requestor (by registered post).
Upon receiving a licence, A carrier shall present documentary proof of payment for the payment of state fee.
The carrier not later than within one month after receipt of a licence shall submit an application to receipt of a licence card. This period if the application for receipt of a licence card has not been submitted to the municipality, the license expires.

Receipt of a licence card:
1. a written application to the prescribed form;
2. commercial transport vehicle registration certificates that you want to copy (presenting the original);
3. rental contract with a copy of the owner of a vehicle (presenting the original), if the vehicle is leased, rented out a copy of the vehicle registration certificates (presenting the original);
4. if the vehicle, which will be used by passenger komercpārvadāšanai, is not registered in Latvia shall submit a document confirming the technical data or vehicle registration documents issued abroad and customs certificate, as well as vehicle ownership and holding certificates of authority. The acquisition of new vehicles shall be submitted to the copy of a document confirming the payment (presenting the original);
5. electronic counter technical copy of a passport (presenting the original) with a note that an electronic device is registered in the State Revenue Service of the Republic of Latvia;
6. the taxi driver a copy of the contract of employment, except if the driver is self-employed persons;
7. other infor
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2. solis / Receipt of services
Receipt of services according to the application of choice.
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