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Information System for Analising Road Traffic Accident and Offence Scenes
The selected organisation: Iekšlietu ministrijas Informācijas centrs
Short description:
Within the framework of this service is offered in a transparent manner (map), road traffic accidents and road traffic offences.
Any person
The service is received immediately after the enquiry.
Process description
Other information
1. solis / E-service opening
The MOI Information Centre website, e-services, open the road traffic accidents and violations of the crime scene analysis information system (man) an e-service. When you open the e-services, you'll see a map with road traffic accidents and crime. By default, data on the last 90 days attēlosies identified traffic accidents.
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2. solis / Data selection
It is possible to select the events on the map with his vēlamajem criteria, if you choose "Select" in the upper-left corner.
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3. solis / Result Retrieval
The selected data can also be downloaded and saved both mapped and table in the form by using the menu - "Lejuplādēt card" or "Lejuplādēt selected data."
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