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E-service "Registration to a vote by mail for voters residing abroad"
Short description:
An e-service provide the possibility of a person who has been incorporated into the electoral register:
1) to register an application for voting by post to the European Parliament elections (electoral procedures), if the person is registered at a polling station or, if the person in the electoral register the registered address of the place of residence, voters list at the time of creation, has been indicated in a foreign state. Using the e-services, applications for postal voting may be registered not later than 27 days before the elections;
2) to ascertain the address to which the documents for postal voting shall be sent if the person concerned is registered for postal voting in the Diplomatic or Consular Representation of the Republic of Latvia, or by using the e-services.
In the application the voter shall give his name, surname, personal identity number, address of the place of residence and address in a foreign state to which voting materials (street, house, apartment, city, village, postcode, country, e-mail address, if any). E-pakalpojumā inquiries is an informative character.
Citizens of Latvia who on polling day reached 18 years of age and address of the place of residence, voters' list at the time of creation, population registers is specified in a foreign state.
Maximum duration (days):
An e-service is processed immediately
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When you finish working with the service, you need to fully close the browser to another person there was no chance for unauthorized use of your authentication certificate.
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