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Registration of designs
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Registration of the design in Latvia guarantees its owner the exclusive right to this design in the territory of Latvia
Any person
Any natural or legal person who has filed an application for registration of a design at the Patent Office
The design registration procedure for the design is average for 4 months. The registration of the design is valid for 5 years from the date of the application
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1. solis / The submission of applications
A completed application for the registration of a design must be submitted, which includes: 1) a request for registration of the design; 2) information allowing the applicant to be identified; 3) a set of designs for a design that gives a clear and complete picture of the peculiarities of the design, 2 copies. A complex application may cover several designs, provided that all products intended to implement or incorporate designs included in the same application must refer to the same Class of International Classification of Design (Locarno Classification). This condition does not apply if the application contains only those designs that have a decorative character. For each design included in the application in addition to the first one, the additional fee is payable. The application fee has to be paid within one month from the date of filing of the registration application (see Cabinet Regulation No. 723 of December 15, 2015, "Pricelist of the Patent Office"). If the applicant wishes to keep the design for a certain period of time secret, he may ask to postpone the publication of the design, but not more than 30 months from the date of the application. Such a request may be included in the application or attached thereto until the Patent Office has taken a decision on the registration of the design. There is a fee to postpone the publication. If the application is filed through an authorized person, it must be accompanied by a power of attorney. The original authorization must be submitted and, if the authorization relates to several applications, a separate copy must be attached to each application. The power of attorney may be drawn up in a free form, but in essence it must comply with the general provisions of the Civil Law regarding the authorization agreement. If the applicant wishes, he / she may use the power of attorney drawn up by the Patent Office.
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2. solis / Registration of designs and publication
A notice on the registration of a design is published in the Official Gazette of the Patent Office.

The registration certificate is issued to the owner of the design on paper or in electronic form.

Upon receipt of a paper certificate, the Patent Office's invitation to appear on the registration certificate of the design must be presented.
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