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Me or my own personal data population register
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The service provides the possibility of a person to know what are the current and historical information about the minor child (up to 18 years), children in out-of-family care or trusteeship, included in the population register.
Citizens of Latvia, non-citizen of Latvia, as well as the residence permit in Latvia, registration certificate or permanent residence certificate, its plenipotentiary received a person or legal representatives
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1. solis / Service requests
Onsite service may require, by post or electronically signed with secure electronic signature or lodged using the e-services portal "Complaints Authority."
Go to any territorial division of the Office of the person, shall submit a submission for all the information included in the population register, receipt, or the parties signed the original application must be sent to any of administrative territorial division in the post.
If the information requested more than 2 times per calendar year for receiving information of the State fee payable fee of EUR 7.11 and the submission shall be accompanied by copy of a document certifying a payment.
Sending a request to the Office by post, a certificate / printout of the population register will be issued in the territorial office of Director of the person at a specific person. A statement / print-out shall be sent by post to the address of the declared place of residence of the information requester, if the person requesting it to the Office in person. On the sending by post is necessary to take charge and postal services fee.
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