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The overpaid state social insurance contributions
The selected organisation: Valsts sociālās apdrošināšanas aģentūra
Short description:
Person overpaid social insurance contributions means contributions made in 1) mandatory payments or voluntary contribution from the Cabinet of Ministers, which exceeds the maximum amount for the contribution object specified in the year; 2) incurred if mandatory payments made by the person who was not socially insured person, or, if the status of mandatory payments made in accordance with the social insurance types, which a person is not subject to; 3) incurred if voluntary contributions made after the person at the same time also played a socially insured person is obligatory, or the status of contributions from income of the Cabinet of Ministers, which is below the minimum amount of the object of the voluntary contributions, or the person has refused voluntary accession state pension insurance for the previous reporting period, where contributions are made by the granting of old-age pension.
The service provides person to receive overpaid or overpaid social insurance mandatory payments of voluntary contributions to the SSIA calculates the calendar year following their April 1 The person to whom the calculated mandatory payments paid or overpaid, SSIA voluntary contributions to the calendar year following their July 31, send a notification containing the calculated pārmaksātajām contributions. The overpaid mandatory payments or voluntary contributions, which is less than the national minimum monthly wage during the calendar year, a person is not repaid in the current calendar year, but shall be accumulated and refunded after the end of the calendar year in which they reached the national minimum wage. The overpaid contributions credited to the beneficiary account.
Maximum duration (days):
The overpaid amount of transfer of state social insurance contributions shall be carried out by the SSIA 22 working days of his or her request.
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
1. solis / Service requests
To request the service, you must fill in for a particular form submission addressed to the SSIA.
May submit a submission in person, electronically, by post or portal By requiring onsite services, to present a personal identification document (Passport or ID card). By e-mail, sent an application shall be signed with a secure electronic signature, adding time stamps. You can also submit a submission to the State and local government in the customer service centre.
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