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Disability pension
The selected organisation: Valsts sociālās apdrošināšanas aģentūra
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Invalidity pension shall be granted to insured persons residing in the territory of Latvia with the length of periods of insurance, which is not less than three years if they have been recognised as disabled persons, except for persons whose disability is due to an accident at work or occupational disease. Invalidity pension shall be granted for all of the State Medical Commission for the Assessment of Health Condition and Working Ability of invalidity specified by the time, but not longer than until the age specified for the granting of old-age pension.
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A person to whom disability has been determined.
Maximum duration (days):
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Documents and forms
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1. solis / Service requests
To request the service, you must fill in for a particular form submission addressed to the SSIA. May submit a submission in person, electronically, with the competent authorities of foreign mediation or portal By requiring onsite services, to present a personal identification document (Passport or ID card). By e-mail, sent an application shall be signed with a secure electronic signature, adding time stamps. You can also submit a submission to the State and local government in the customer service centre.
The submission shall indicate the preferred method of receiving the decision.
The request must be presented together with the pension insurance (employment) period of service identification document oroģināli: record of work; work-record book of a collective farmer; employment contract and documents regarding the performance thereof which contain an indication regarding completion of the relevant period of work; military identity cards; the training certificate (certificate attestāts, diploma, statement of an educational institution); State Archives of Latvia or another state archives, etc. documents proving the length of service until 1995 December 31, and similar periods, provided that such information is available to the SSIA.
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