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Guarantee service and monitoring
The selected organisation: Valsts kase
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The Treasury is involved in the process of issuing a government guarantee, ensuring that the draft risk assessment, risk premia for the determination of the loan agreement, by proposals for projects, as well as organising the process of delivering a State guarantee. After the issuance of a state guarantee by the State Treasury account for State guarantees the commitments arising from, and also regularly publishes information on total guaranteed debt.
Private law legal persons
A credit institution (financial institution), which receives a State guarantee for applicants for the following obligations:
• The (State / Local > 50% holdings or a number of municipalities > 65% holdings)
• Business Support programme implementers
• Study and a student loan recipients
The Treasury shall evaluate the documents submitted by the applicant's guarantee and, in cooperation with the sectoral ministry shall prepare a draft order of the Cabinet of Ministers regarding the issuance of a guarantee or a refusal to issue a guarantee.
Process description
Other information
The guarantee for inclusion in the annual national budget on a bill
In order to apply for project implementation of the guarantee, guarantee the receipt of the medium-term budgetary framework of the draft law and the annual national budgets and deadlines for submission to the development of the draft law (which is prescribed by regulatory enactments) shall be submitted to the sectoral ministry or other central State institution the following documents:
1. an application for receipt of the guarantee;
2. the guarantee by the applicant's business plan for a project to be implemented until the end of the planned operation of the guarantee.
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