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Licence approved a tax warehouse-keeper
The selected organisation: VALSTS IEŅĒMUMU DIENESTS
Short description:
Reception of documents, issue of a licence.
Individual, Private law legal persons
A merchant registered in the Commercial Register.
Maximum duration (days):
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
1. solis / Service requests
The State fee and submit the documents to be paid: 1. An application for a special permit (licence); 2 of the premises used .komercdarbībai pressure receptacles, tanks or use a certificate of authority; 3 of the responsible official shall be inserted signature and stamp of the merchant confirmed a plan of action (including a tax warehouse of the site boundaries) and plan of premises where the number of buildings and premises specified in input (output) and the relationship to other parts of the building (construction of the technical inventory files); 4 of the responsible official shall be inserted signature and stamp of the 19.1 approved the Regulations referred to in Sub-paragraph 2 of the territory of the complex plan of the vats of tanks, pipelines, pressure equipment with potential flow directions, and access railways and other technological equipment and appliances, which marks the location scheme of the declared place of business activities of the tank and container of the pressure equipment complex, indicating the pressure receptacles and tanks and complex numbers in each container and the nominal volume of container of the pressure equipment complex (fuel and denatured alcohol – according to the supporting documents certifying the fuel or the denaturated alcohol storage and marketing metrological provision of, or in accordance with the certificate of verification), as well as the pipelines, specifying their capacity, if the application is submitted, in order to receive a special permit (licence) for commercial activity with fuel, which are not pre-packaged, or a special permit (licence) for the activities of an approved warehousekeeper, if your warehouse is intended to be manufactured, handled, processed or packaged alcoholic beverages or denature alcohol; 5 .skaidrojums economic transactions of the progress and their financial security; 6. if the warehouse for fuel production, blending, processing, processing or packaging (excluding gas bottling, which is not intended for use in spark-ignition internal combustion engines), for each type, being blended meet the requirements for processing or fasējamās, the size, type of output in addition to submit information on the technological process; 7. if you intended, in addition to the alcohol industry shall provide information on the technological process; 8. if the alcohol denaturing of alcohol production or – volume or quantity of denaturated alcohol used for the recording of the technical documentation, indicating the meter reading of the application submission day, as well as on the meter location in the technological scheme; a copy of the 9 copies, which certifies the information declared in the submission of the declared place of business within the metrological the existence of collateral and its compliance with the requirements of regulatory enactments;
10. if the activity is envisaged with alcohol or denaturated alcohol, – an explanation of planned activities with the product concerned; 11. if the excise goods warehouse for operating with petroleum products, alcohol or manufacture of tobacco products, – with the responsible official of the signature and stamp of approval referred to in point 19.1 2 of these Regulations. the territory and premises of CCTV cameras in the chart location scheme; 12. if, as set out in point 101 of these Regulations. the issue of fuel for fuel additives in the process of accession with the flow method, a merchant in accordance with paragraphs 19.1 5) submit information on the technological process, which has been approved by the test laboratory accredited companies with limited liability "Standardization, Accreditation and Metrology Centre" Latvian National accreditation bureau in accordance with regulatory enactments regarding the assessment of conformity assessment, accreditation and supervision of institutions, or another European Union Member State by an accredited testing laboratory; 13. for alcoholic beverages or manufacture of toba
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2. solis / Receipt of services
Payment of state fee before receipt of a special permit (licence).
The Treasury reg.No. 90000050138 LV32TREL1060000921400 current account
The State fee for each type of excisable goods (if you specify more than one excise product types, the State fee shall be cumulative):
1. with fuel, other than biofuels, – 2134 euro;
2. with alcoholic beverages – 711 euro;
3. with tobacco products – 711 euro;
4. with the non-alcoholic beverages – 284 euro;
5. with a coffee – 284 euro;
6. with biofuels – 284 euro;
electronic cigarettes the fluid used shall be inserted 7 – 284 euro;
8. with alcoholic beverages if the activity is envisaged only with alcoholic beverages, which will be produced in the ownership or possession of the existing gardens and apiaries products or into the wild growing plants (without the use of alcohol or other manufactured alcohol), ensuring that the wine and fermented beverages produced in the total amount does not exceed 15 000 litres per calendar year, the absolute amount of alcohol and other alcoholic beverages saražotajos does not exceed 1000 litres per calendar year and the total volume of production of intermediate products shall not exceed 1000 litres per calendar year – 71 euro.
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