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Registration of change of registered domestic (indoor) animal keeper
The selected organisation: Lauksaimniecības datu centrs
Short description:
As part of an old person online can be carried out by the domestic (pet) animal housing legislation, approve the transfer to another natural person holding the transfer of rights and to the cancellation of the transferred housing
The Agricultural Data Centre piereģistrēto (pet) animal owners.
Synchronous service - the user receives a performance without any delay.
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Related services
1. solis / Logon service
A natural person logs on to the e-service „Reģistrēta domestic (pet) animal keeper exchange registration” and agrees with the e-service usage instructions.
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2. solis / Requests the person to be registered and holds the ownership of lists
Requests the LDC list with a person and a list of registered pets remained held by domestic pets. If one of the lists will be returned to at least one entry, then displays a list. However, if there are no records, then the user displays the corresponding notification and shall have the opportunity to complete the service.
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3. solis / Getting acquainted with yourself and the lists of registered ownership of domestic animals
Recipients of services displays two lists:
- registered ownership of domestic (pet) animals;
- domestic (pet) animals which are expected to be transferred to the holder 's rights is a good indication that person.
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4. solis / Enter the details of the holder of the pet of a transfer of rights
If the recipient of services for your pet has chosen to transfer the rights of another person, then will enter the appropriate event data.
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5. solis / Holder 's legal operations
Service izmantojoša person can approve, reject or transfer the rights of the headset.
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6. solis / The event display
Displays the notifications which are associated with event handling (event registration, in a communication error).
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7. solis / Service Completion
Recipients of services has quit the e-services portal, transitioning to life situation „Agriculture”.
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