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Registration of death or euthanasia of registered domestic (indoor) animal
The selected organisation: Lauksaimniecības datu centrs
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You can register online and an old person within the framework of domestic animals (except for the dog, which is recognised as dangerous) death or euthanasia
The Agricultural Data Centre piereģistrēto (pet) animal owners.
Synchronous service - the user receives a performance without any delay.
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1. solis / The animal 's death or euthanasia Registration Request
The Latvian state portal choose and take an e-service "Reģistrēta domestic (pet) animal death or euthanasia Registration". The animal is specified in the death or euthanasia, this information will be changed Agricultural Data Centre domestic (pet) animal record keeping system. It is possible to receive services electronically on-line mode.
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2. solis / Receiving service outturn
The customer owned animal LDC system is displayed at the time of death or euthanasia. Online client receives a notification regarding service registration.
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