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The existing value zonējumi
The selected organisation: VALSTS ZEMES DIENESTS
Short description:
The value of the cadastral evaluation necessities are being developed zonējumi four real estate groups:
- rural real estate group;
- the residential building property group;
- industrial building group;
- commercial and public building group.

Value zonējumi to divide the national territory in areas where similar property value on the real estate market is deemed similar.
The development of the zoning, is taken into account both the real estate market information and the territorial planning and building regulations, the existence of conditions both in terms of infrastructure and quality and attractiveness of the territory and development, as well as other key value determinants.

All types of properties in each zone shall be determined in the basic indicators of lower property values.
Any person
Service entitled to any natural or legal persons.
Process description
Other information
1. solis / Service requests
Each of the State Unified geospatial information portal Ģ user can obtain data on the existing zonējumiem value, which is one of the proposed ģeoproduktiem.

To access the services need a licence issued by the holder of the relevant geospatial data which can be obtained in the geoportal in electronic form.
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2. solis / Receiving the order
The State united geospatial information portal using Ģ, the service is available immediately, lejuplādējot file, if the recipient of services has agreed to in the license terms.
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