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Special data selection from the cadastre information system text data
The selected organisation: Valsts zemes dienests
Short description:
State Land Service may draw up a special selection of data from the Immovable Property State cadastre information system.

According to your request for a specified size and nature of the SLS note shall be prepared and issued in the Cadastre launched real-time and historical (Pre-registered) data. The actual cadastre data is the last (latest) cadastre data registered what information is available at the time.

The cadastre information issued by SLS note under the Freedom of Information Law norms. Requesting information, which is set for the status of restricted access information, you must specify a justification for obtaining information and the purpose for which it will be used.
Any person
For more information is available under the heading "1 step / service requests."
Maximum duration (days):
30 calendar days
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
1. solis / Service requests
In order to receive a service, the following requirements must be met:

- data on real estate and / or registered in the cadastre object;
- requiring the cadastre information, are as accurate as possible indicate the amount of information and composition, criteria (conditions) reaching the selection of data, as well as the type of issue;
- if you are prompted for the cadastre information containing natural personal data, you must fill in the restricted availability of information request form and indicating the justification for the purpose of the use of Information request, as well as reflected in the obligation to use the information for the purposes for which it was requested;
- if the cadastre information is required for re-use, the application must include a reference to the goods or services, which requires that information.

Services can be received:

1. any person may receive the cadastre information that does not contain restricted access information;
2. the cadastre information containing restricted access information, you can receive:
- the owner, if not available - lawful possessor, including one of the co-owners or kopvaldītājiem;
- third party, submitting a written application stating at the request for information and justification for the purpose, as well as reflected in the obligation to use the information for the purposes for which it has been requested;
- plenipotentiary of the persons referred to above.
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2. solis / Submit Request
Service can also order:

- by sending an electronic submission (signed with secure electronic signature and time stamp). The submission shall be accompanied by electronically signed with the procedures specified in regulatory enactments have been drawn up electronic document that are necessary for the performance of service;

- the SLS note onsite at customer service centre. The SLS note ordering services, customer service centre, you have to present personal identification document - Passport or identity card (ID card), but plenipotentiary person - including the power of attorney;

- by mail.
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