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Select data from Specialā Real estate market data base
The selected organisation: VALSTS ZEMES DIENESTS
Short description:
If real estate market business data is required by the specific terms (dividing by standartkopām), can also order a special data selection after your defined selection criteria. Information is available on:

– number of transactions broken down by the object type (buildings, apartments, group of premises, land, land and buildings);
– and land not built on transactions with an (land and land and buildings transactions);
– individual residential land prices;
– production company building land prices;
– commercial building land prices;
– agricultural land prices;
– forestry land prices;
– individual residential house prices;
– apartment prices.
Any person
Any person entitled to receive services.
Maximum duration (days):
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
1. solis / Service requests
Service may require any natural or legal persons.

Submission must contain:
– the selection criteria (for example, the area, the nature of the transaction, the reporting period, the transaction price range for other general business object's parameters - the area, the purpose of use, the number of rooms, etc.);
– the company name, registration number or physical person's name, surname, personal identity number;
– address;
– bank details (bank name, KODU, account number);
– contact details (telephone, electronic mail);
– how he or she would like to receive an invoice (personally, in the State Land Service by post or electronic mail address).
Informative document
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2. solis / Submit Request
Service can also order:
- sending a free-form application, which is designed to be a electronic document (signed with secure electronic signature and time stamp), to any of the SLS note customer service centre in electronic mail address;
- onsite at customer service centre (plenipotentiary in person or person);
- by post (freehand application).
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On the spot
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