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A single real estate market data reception
The selected organisation: VALSTS ZEMES DIENESTS
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If you need a Real estate market transaction data, it is possible to obtain information about the State Unified Computerised Land Register registered transactions in real estate (the object identifier, the date of the transaction amount), as well as the data characterising the object of the Cadastre Information System (area, use, purpose, the number of rooms, etc.).

Transaction data are available in the standartkopās groups all over the territory of Latvia, starting from 1999.
One standard consists of data concerning transactions with one type of objects (land or buildings, land and buildings, or group of premises) during one calendar year in the area.
All the territory of Latvia is divided into activity, similar 15 groups. For example, one standard set of all the data on transactions involving land in Riga 2012.

The service is available to anyone who is interested.
Any person
Any person entitled to receive services.
Maximum duration (days):
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1. solis / Service requests
You can create a freehand, by submitting a written submission. Submission must contain:
– an area of interest;
– type of transaction (transactions in land transactions in land and structures or transactions with a group of premises),
– period (year);
– the company name, registration number or physical person's name, surname, personal identity number;
– address;
– bank details (bank name, KODU, account number);
– contact details (telephone, electronic mail);
– how he or she would like to receive an invoice (in person – onsite State Land Service by post or electronic mail address).

Data can be requested by submitting an application to the State Land Service Corporate customer service centre or sending it by post – 31 November 11 Waterfront, Riga, LV-1050.

After receipt of the application, the SLS note will be prepared and will give you the prepayment invoice. When the invoice is paid, the SLS note within ten working days to prepare the requested data and issue them electronically.
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