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The predicted cadastral value calculation and preparation of documents
The selected organisation: VALSTS ZEMES DIENESTS
Short description:
The SLS note a cadastre object - real estate, units of land, structures, group of premises or part of the land unit - predicted cadastral value shall be used for the next year, approved by the cadastral value base indicators and cadastre information system register data characterising the cadastre object values at the time.
Establishing a forecast cadastral value of the SLS note all cadastre information system registered cadastre objects to a specific date (after the current year until 15 June, with Cabinet regulations shall be adopted for the cadastral value base rates).

Cadastral value shall be calculated on the cadastre information system established in the cadastre object - real estate, units of land, structures, group of premises or part of the land unit, if:
- after the cadastral value base of the current year have been changes made to the approval of the data characterising the cadastre object, which affects its cadastral value (for example, the evolution of the area of a unit of land, building changed physical condition, etc.),
- the object or cadastre information system is registered after approval of the cadastral value base of the current year.
Any person
Service entitled to require any natural or legal persons of any cadastre object.
Maximum duration (days):
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
1. solis / Service requests
You have to submit an application for the receipt of services which shall indicate the cadastre object for which you want to calculate the predicted cadastral value.

Service can also order:
- by sending an electronic submission (signed with secure electronic signature and time stamp);
- the SLS note onsite at customer service centre (CAC). The CAC of the SLS note ordering services, you have to present personal identification document - Passport or identity card (ID card);
- by mail.
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