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Units of land, a unit of land registration, updating of cadastre information system of cadastral survey documents
The selected organisation: VALSTS ZEMES DIENESTS
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After the land cadastral survey work has been completed and the land cadastral survey document preparation and submission of the SLS note, the SLS note shall be carried out by units of land, part of a unit of land cadastral survey documents of the updating of cadastre information system.

As a result of the execution of the cadastre information system are kept up-to-date units of land, of a unit of data and calculates its cadastral value.

After performing a service, the SLS note shall be prepared and issued a declaration regarding the updating of cadastre information system data.
Any person
Land cadastral survey documents and the initiator 's submission for registration of a cadastre object or cadastre information system for updating data submitted or received by the performer of cadastral surveying of land.
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Land cadastral survey works certified by a person may carry out land cadastral survey activities and to cooperate with the SLS note on the basis of a written agreement - Agreement on cooperation in land surveying work.

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