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Changing the composition of real estate cadastre information system
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Real estate stock exchanges are carried out to cadastre information system register a new immovable property or to amend the composition of the immovable property.

Real estate stock exchanges are carried out in the Land Register registered immovable assets - land property (composition only land or land and buildings), the property (only the composition of the building) and residential property.

An exception: land reform in the cases specified in regulatory enactments regulating the State or self-government with regard to the jurisdiction of the land owned by yourself and you can create real estate and to amend its composition prior to the initial recording in the Land Register.

Land or land and building structure of property shall be amended:
- separating therefrom the object of immovable property (land unit or unit of land and to its existing structures), when you create a new immovable property or adding it to other immovable property;
- with the addition of the object of real estate, separating it from other immovable property;
- joining registered parts of real estate in one immovable property.
Any person
Any person entitled to receive services.
For more information is available under "A Description" field "1 step / service requests.
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1. solis / Service requests
Services can be received:
1. the owner of the immovable property if it does not exist - lawful possessor or a cadastre subject;
2. the division of the case – all joint owners, or any of the joint owners on the basis of an authorisation;
3. a State authority and local self-government for land under the jurisdiction or owned thereby in accordance with the Law “On State and Local Government Land Ownership Rights and”;
4. local self-government - of the land for land reform;
5. a State authority and local self-government, which the law on the sale of the real estate duty imposed for the needs of the forfeited real properties entered into the Land Register, - for a decoupled (seized) and the permanent (inalienable) the object of immovable property;
6. the person to whom such rights or obligations set by the court;
7. another person to whom the statutory such rights;
plenipotentiary of the persons referred to above 8. the person;
9. the cadastral surveyor on the basis of a cadastre subject, in the case of land cadastral survey.

In order to receive a service, the following requirements must be met:
- the immovable property forming the immovable property objects (units of land, buildings, a group of premises) are registered in the cadastre information system in accordance with the requirements of the Immovable Property State Cadastre Law (according to the new situation after the distribution and / or combination);
- change the composition of the immovable property may only be in the Land Register registered immovable property, except in cases prescribed by regulatory enactments;
- can be detached from real estate unit of land, which has made a separate land border plan;
- one in the composition of the immovable property may include one administrative territory of a unit of land and the structures thereon owned by the landowner.

Receipt of a service person shall submit:
- a submission specifying the number of real estate and detached the cadastral designation of the land unit, as well as real estate number, which wants to add a unit of land;
- plenipotentiary person – a token.
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2. solis / Submit Request
Service can be obtained using the e-services portal „Immovable property stock change” in the„ Electronic Services - > Portal - > Order service ”.
An e-service available on the cadastre subject upon registration portal

Receipt of a service order shall be accompanied by a person with a secure electronic signature and time stamps signed Service prepared a submission regarding the order. The SLS note a submission regarding the order shall draw up a 2 working days from order date and place it in a sign requesting portal section „My Portal - > My Account - > My Orders of the SLS note - The >” at the relevant order entry.

Receipt of a service person can also submit a freehand written application, signed with secure electronic signature and stamp of the lake.

Without the e-services portal, an application with accompanying documents shall be submitted to the receipt of services:
- sending e-mail freehand electronic submission signed with secure electronic signature and time stamp on any of the SLS note, customer service centre in electronic mail address.

The submission shall be accompanied by documents required for the performance of service (e.g., token) that have been prepared in compliance with the requirements prescribed by regulatory enactments and signed with secure electronic signature and time stamp:
(a) the original electronic documents;
(b) a paper document by electronic means of derivatives, which were prepared:
- or the Orphan's court, notary
- legal person, if it is a service requester and it is in possession of the original of the document.

- the SLS note onsite at customer service centre. The SLS note ordering services onsite customer service centre, a submission regarding the service you can design a customer service adviser. The person shall present the documents required for the implementation of the originals.
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