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Civil engineering (roads and streets) cadastre information system of registration of izpildmērījuma plan
The selected organisation: Valsts zemes dienests
Short description:
State Land Service (SLS note) on the basis of the application shall, on civil engineering (roads and streets) building completion and finishing and structures of the continuous operation of the adoption of this nature, shall be carried out, nepasekojot data registration, cadastre information system of the submissions.

As a result of the execution of the service is being prepared for engineering structures (road and street) cadastral survey file, the cadastre information system engineering structure is recorded and calculated its cadastral value.

The SLS note shall be prepared and issued a statement of engineering structures (road and street) registration, cadastre information system.
Any person
Service entitled to receive the real estate owner or, failing that, lawful possessors.
Maximum duration (days):
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
1. solis / Service requests
In order to receive a service, the following documents must be presented:
1. the initiator's submission. The case, it is necessary for the entire joint submission.
2. izpildmērījumu plan;
3. the Act concerning the adoption of the construction of continuous operation;
4. authorisation, if the Service requests an agent plenipotentiary person.
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2. solis / Submit Request
Service can also order:
- by sending an electronic submission (signed with secure electronic signature and time stamp). The submission shall be accompanied by electronically signed with the procedures specified in regulatory enactments have been drawn up electronic document that are necessary for the performance of service;
- the SLS note onsite at customer service centre. The SLS note ordering services, customer service centre, you have to present personal identification document - Passport or identity card (ID card), but plenipotentiary person - including the power of attorney;
- by mail.
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Tukuma county unitary state and local customer service centre
Unified Customer Service Centre of Bausk State and Local Government
Unified Customer Service Centre of the State and Local Government of Aizkraukles Municipality
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