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The amelioration cadastre information
The selected organisation: Valsts SIA "Zemkopības ministrijas nekustamie īpašumi"
Short description:
This spatial data set is designed to anyone interested in its possession as the background data for geospatial data layer can be easily and conveniently connected to the amelioration of databases of spatial information.
This service provides an opportunity to work not only with the user to the data available, but at the same time, using a digital database of amelioration of existing data, align the card layers online, as well as to retain data on the workstation.
Any person
Maximum duration (days):
Available for viewing and downloading service online.
Process description
Other information
The Latvian Amelioration card
Viewing database WMS service and download the data set (WFS service). Databases use is free of charge.
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Another Latvijas meliorācijas karte