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Real estate and zoning of the administrative border WMS service
The selected organisation: VALSTS ZEMES DIENESTS
Short description:
Web Map Service (WMS) or network card service is standard protocol for the exchange of geospatial data on the web from one or more ģeotelpiskām databases.
Spatial data Web Services are designed to anyone interested in its possession as the background data for geospatial data layer can be easily and conveniently connected to the Cadastre and State Address Register the spatial data sets for more information professional activity, such as territorial borders and a description of the borders of a spatial data for the preparation, Global Positioning System (GPS) or logistics system for the development of the development of maps of different types of communications and business objects graphical deferral, etc.

WMS service uses the following benefits: - Your and simultaneously use the data held by SLS note - real estate vērītbu zonējumus and administrative boundaries;
- at their disposal to ensure the spatial analysis;
- a convenient and efficient management of the immovable property or the company’ s infrastructure;
- rich data visualization, analysis and reporting capabilities;
- create a different scenario models.

According to the purpose for which the use of data intended the SLS note under the conditions of use prescribe the following:
1. the end user - data may only be used exclusively for their needs and without the right to use them in the provision of services or the putting into service of a third party;
2. service providers - data is allowed to suit your needs and make them part of the services provided, but without the right set of data for the entry into service of a third party;
3. a data distributor - data sets are allowed to use your own needs, to include in their services and the entry into service of a third party.
Any person
Any person entitled to receive services.
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In order to obtain the value of real estate and zoning of the administrative border WMS service data, you submit an application and conclude a contract with the SLS note. The application must be sent to e-mail

The SLS note shall prepare and sign a contract 7 working days after receipt of the application. The Agreement shall enter into force when it is a signed.

3 working days of the SLS note a user access properties - and, in accordance with the password and username specified in the application form, you will be informed of the property has been received.
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