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State Address Register and the administrative border of the WMS service
The selected organisation: VALSTS ZEMES DIENESTS
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Web Map Service (WMS) or network card service is standard protocol for the exchange of geospatial data on the web from one or more of the geospatial data base. WMS request determines which geospatial layer or region of interest should be processed and the reply provided by the image of the card in raster format that you can display in the browser.

Spatial data Web Services are designed to anyone interested in its possession as the background data for geospatial data layer can be easily and conveniently connected to the Cadastre and State Address Register spatial data sets.

Using the WMS service, the user obtains the following benefits:
- the opportunity to work not only with its existing data, but at the same time, also use the data held by SLS note - the Cadastre Map and the administrative borders;
- at their disposal to ensure the spatial analysis;
- a convenient and efficient management of the immovable property or the company’ s infrastructure;
- rich data visualization, analysis and reporting capabilities;
- the ability to create different development scenario models.

The fee for web service usage per day (period from 00.00 a.m. to 24.00), will be calculated for those days, during which time you logged on at least once a Web service, regardless of length of use and connection times.

The monthly fee will be calculated regardless of whether the calendar month, have made one more, or if you are not carried out any connection to the web service.
Any person
Any person entitled to receive services.
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Service requests
Services can be received:
1. by concluding a contract with the SLS note on the web service. The conclusion of the contract, to fill in the application form (the signature is not necessary) and send it to e-mail
The application shall indicate:
- all required the claimant's data;
- web service;
- the payment conditions – fees for twenty-four hours, during which at least one connection to the Web service, or a constant monthly fee (fee does not depend on the number of connections).

Using the information contained in the application, the SLS note will prepare a draft agreement will be informed of their signing options. If necessary, contact persons specified in the application procedure for dealing with the SLS note, in order to clarify the necessary information.
The SLS note into the Agreement includes provisions which comply with the geospatial data for the user. The SLS note a licence or the contract shall be signed by the user and data.

2. The State united geospatial information portal using Ģ The service is available after the settlement, if the recipient of services is piekrities in the license terms.

The rules for the use of the possible data types:
- the end user regulations permitting the use of data exclusively for their own needs without the right to use them for the provision of services or transfer to a third party;
- the rules allow service providers use the data for their needs and make them part of the services provided, but without the right set of data transfer for use in a third party;
- Data Dealer regulations permitting the use of data sets to suit your needs, to include in their services and to use a third party.
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