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The selected organisation: VALSTS ZEMES DIENESTS
Short description:
State Land Service (SLS note) developed a fast and convenient free mobile application (app) It is useful for both existing and prospective owners of real estate, both professionals and the SLS note to clients, as well as anyone who needs information from the State Real Property Cadastre and State Address Register. With the applications can provide information on any immovable property, a unit of land, building or apartment, in search of the existing or former address, browse a variety of possession of the SLS note cards, as well as browse their order execution and to contact a customer consultation centres.
Use the app available in three languages - Latvian, English, Russian.

Mobile app and update the following data:
- Cadastre text data – once a day;
- the cadastre spatial data – once every 2-3 working days;
- Addresses text data – once a day;
- address register spatial data – once a day;
- value zonējumi - once a year to the value of real estate zoning changes.
Any person
Application accessible to everyone with a mobile device, which supports iOS (6.0 and later), Android (2.3 and later) or Windows Phone operating system (- 8 version 7.1).
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1. solis / Installation of applications (applications)
According to your mobile device, perform the necessary steps to download and install a mobile application. To install and use your device requires an Internet connection.
The application you can set up mobile phones and tablets.
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Lejupielādēt lietotni - Android
Lejupielādēt lietotni - iOS
Lejupielādēt lietotni - Windows Phone
2. solis / The use of applications (applications)
Once the application is installed on your mobile device, it is ready for use. In its use, enforceable four steps:
1. to choose whether or not to activate your device selected positioning methods, in order to obtain your location. This function at any time you can adjust the settings of your mobile device;
2. the option to select the applications use the language that you can change later settings;
3. become acquainted with a three step instructions on how to use application functions;
4. become acquainted and confirm that you accept the applications and usage instructions. If you choose to disagree with the usage instructions, then you won't be able to use mobile apps services.
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