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Establishment of contacts with tourism agencies and tourism operators
The selected organisation: Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūra
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Within the framework of the service, visits of foreign tourist agents to Latvia are organised, ensuring the establishment of contacts, the preparation and provision of the programme. The purpose of the visits is to introduce foreign tourism operators with the Latvian tourism offer, to create a positive view of the country, by promoting the interest of service providers to include Latvia in their offers. Companies already providing trips to Latvia are given an in-depth insight into Latvia's tourism supply, extending the supply of existing routes.
Legal persons governed by public law, Private law legal persons
Representatives of tourism operators or travel agencies who have an interest in including Latvia in their destination offers or improving the supply already existing and who are in line with the foreign target markets identified in the Latvian tourism marketing strategy for 2018-2023.
Maximum duration (days):
Process description
Other information
1. solis / Service requests
Support for the organisation of tourist visits can be requested by sending a free-form e-mail letter to the, including information on the planned visit, the timing of the visit, the participants, the purpose.
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2. solis / Receipt of services
The LIAA Department of Tourism shall evaluate the application, its spotlight, the programme, the relevance of the target market to the Latvian tourism marketing strategy for the years 2018-2023. Where necessary, additional detailed information for the assessment of the aid shall be requested. Following the evaluation of the application, the LAA Tourism Department shall take a decision on supporting or rejecting the visit. If a positive decision is taken, the recipient of the service shall be informed of the minimum conditions for cooperation. Following confirmation of compliance with the conditions of cooperation, the LIAA supports the conduct of the visit.
Place of arrival of the service, depending on the location of the visit and the format of the cooperation.
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